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To many English-speakers, the word "Oresund" sounds exotic, a little like "horizon". And there may be some truth to the claim that people from these latitudes are indeed a little exotic. A little laid back. However, visitors soon feel the pulse and hi-tech dynamism that also permeate some parts of the Region.

Copenhagen is the natural centrepoint of the Region and boasts a wealth of shopping options and cultural delights. It is also rightly famous for its wonderful


architecture, which spans all styles from classic nineteenth century design to modern masterpieces such as "The Black Diamond", which houses the national library.

As a tourist destination, the Oresund Region has an extra dimension because it spans two countries and two cultures. The Oresund Bridge, and the ferries that run between Helsingborg and Elsinore, make it easy for visitors to get around.

The sea is a constant presence

As close as you are to the pulse of the big city, you are just as close to magnificent countryside. Vast expanses of sandy beaches, beech forests where the sunlight dapples the undergrowth and makes stars twinkle in the puddles, rolling fields, and the special light that is only to be found at Österlen in Eastern Skåne. The climate is perfect for golf all year round, and there are around 90 golf courses in the Region. There are also numerous open-air swimming baths which always entice - whatever the season. Or why not try your luck with rod and reel in some of the many rivers and canals that cut through the landscape?

A host of small towns and villages

The numerous small towns and villages that line the roads often fascinate visitors to the Region. It is almost impossible to resist stopping for a coffee, a shopping trip or a stroll around the arts and crafts shops. History is also very evident in the Region, mainly in the form of the numerous churches and historical remains.

Lots to see and do

When you visit the Øresund Region, your taste buds will have the time of their lives, too! There are all kinds of cuisine - in generous helpings! Scandinavian cuisine is famous for its fresh raw ingredients from local producers. And in recent years, the style has absorbed international influences that add surprising treats to the gastronomic delights. The Region is home to no fewer than ten restaurants with stars from the Michelin Guide.

Shopping enthusiasts will be able to indulge themselves to their hearts' desire in the Øresund Region, which is home to everything from giant luxury chains to small independent designers. The most famous shopping street in the Region is "Strøget" in Copenhagen, which is the address of both international designers and large clothing chains. If you prefer uncommon brands or second-hand shops, we recommend a visit to the smaller streets. If you love culture, sights and attraction, then you can be sure of a busy stay in the Øresund Region, as you are sure to find just what you are looking for - and plenty of it! Shows, art museums, concerts, architecture, design, castles and cabins… The list goes on and on, and everything is within 90 minutes of Copenhagen's international airport.

To find out more about the cultural delights of the Region, click the links on the right. The Øresund Region is blessed with pure, unspoiled countryside distinguished by beaches, cliffs, forests, fields, lakes, rivers and the sea. There are many ways to enjoy the varied and fascinating landscape. The Swedish part of the Region has more than 1,000 km of rambling trails, while the Danish section is well known for its finely developed network of cycle paths. And "water babies" can spend their days paddling, fishing or sailing… For additional information about the countryside and activities in the Øresund Region, click the links in the right-hand menu.

The Øresund Region is a paradise for golfers with around 90 golf courses within 90 minutes of the Øresund Bridge. There are courses of all sizes, with various degrees of difficulty. In fact, there is everything from courses for the stars of the European Tour to Pay & Play courses where even novices can wield their drivers. Swing by the links on the right to find out more about golf in the Øresund Region.

Reasons to visit the Oresund Region

· Big city pulse

· Fantastic countryside

· A rich cultural life with a wealth of sights and attractions

· Golf all year round

Visit the Oresund Region

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